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Serving All-Ohio with Affordable, Professional, Reliable,
and Experienced vacation and emergency coverage.

Ohio Chiropractic Relief Coverage provides substitute doctors 
for D.C.'s while they are away from the office.  We provide 
both long and short term office coverage, whether for an 
immediate emergency, or a planned absence.  

Dr. Rex E. Randolph, founder, has over 18 years experience in  
the field.  With the training and knowledge acquired, he now 
provides a specialized professional, caring, patient-oriented 
service to practicing Doctors of Chiropractic throughout Ohio.

All of our Experienced Doctors maintain appropriate mal-
practice insurance coverage and valid state license.  Unlike
the competition, we charge a simple daily rate, and travel
expense, only if necessary.  No need to hassle with tiered
pricing, based on patient volume.   
Here are comments from some of his clients .....

"Dr. Randolph is my vacation doctor, period.  I trust the quality
of his adjustments, the integrity of his decisions, and his
pleasant personality.  When I am away, I can actually relax
as I know my practice is in good hands with an outstanding
chiropractor and gentleman." -- Dr. Joe Iuvara, Columbus, OH

"I feel confident entrusting my patients with Dr. Randolph
because of his diverse background in Chiropractic.  His great
attitude and reliability are reassuring when I am on vacation
or at seminar." -- Dr. Stuart Hanley, Beavercreek, OH

"Dr. Rex Randolph is an excellent chiropractor and I highly
recommend him as a relief doctor.  His extensive experience
as a chiropractor and with his friendly and kind personality
produces patients who are truly happy with their care while I
am away.  My staff enjoy working with him also." -- Dr. Carey
Gurgis, Westerville, OH


You may contact Dr. Randolph by e-mail or call him to
schedule office coverage or to request additional information.

E-mail: doc@ohiochirorelief.com
Phone: (937) 478-3450

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific
practice relief needs.  Thank you for visiting our

God bless and make it a great day!

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